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No Ugly Kids

Is your child one of the cutest around?

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No Ugly Kids

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[info]charityroseOwner, Icon Maker, Counting Votes, Stamping ApplicationsContact Charityrose
[info]kandeewrightMaker, Layout designerContact kandeewrightSee her graphics examples.
Private Community for Mod Discussion

What We Are All About:

  • Remember this is a community for fun, ratings and contests!
  • Our makers also offer to make custom banners and icons and even layouts!!
  • No one will be rejected from joining due to problems with MODS!
  • We will do weekly stamps!
  • Until we get more members, to get stamped you must have more yes's than no's.

The Rules:

  • You must make ALL POSTS Friend's Only! We've had our fakes & don't want any others!

  • Anyone seen harassing a Mod will be removed and banned from the community. Period. No questions asked.

  • Only vote yes or no based on the kids and the applications! Sway me is also another viable vote. The 'sway me' challenge MUST be about the child, no stupid questions.

  • When stamped you will recieve a special icon, you must use the icon to post pictures and comments. And of course all posts must have a picture! Remember to use LJ CUT!

  • If you delete your application, you WILL be banned. That includes all applications deleted before this rule went onto the userinfo.

  • Pictures go at the END of the application, not used to chop the application to bits and pieces please.

  • If you are a parent, and wish to vote here, you MUST post an application. Once you join, you have one week to post your application. After which, you'll receive a warning and then you'll be banned. No need to be here if you're going to just lurk.

  • You don't have to be stamped to vote ... but you have to at least have posted an application yourself.

  • You WILL be banned if you vote on 2 or more applications without posting an application. This is to cut down on the Drama Rama Mama's joining to only vote.

  • If you continuously vote "no" solely because you dislike the mother, you will be banned. Don't like it? Remove yourself or be removed.

  • If you are a member of Child-Free community, and not just for the "lulz", you will be banned. This is not the place for you, period.

  • These rules are subject to change at any time. When there are big, or important changes, you will be notified VIA a Mod post. That will NOT be happening often.

  • If you have any concerns whatsoever that apply to the community or it's members, please click one of the links below and contact a Mod in their personal journals.


The Application:

Just copy and paste from the box.

Don't forget to add pictures! At least 3 pictures, of good quality, please. But the more the better!

Help Promote Us, Use Our Banners in Your Profile:

Please pick a community banner and place it in your userinfo.

Also for layouts join